Nomzamo Mbatha

Date  08.10.2012

Words • Bongeka Tsekiso


We were all there – thousands of young hopefuls queued up at Gateway Theatre of Shopping in KZN. I mean, who in their right mind would pass up an opportunity to possibly join the ranks of our most beloved MTV Base? Of course, the reality is that not ALL of us would make the cut. But, I got to meet and drive back to ed’robheni with the lady that would make national top 3. Exciting much?! Yes. Not only would she have that play out in her favour, but honey’s beautiful soul would capture the hearts of acting scouts at BOMB! Productions.

Here’s her story – in her own words. Enjoy! xx




“Business is business, you must keep it

professional and personal feelings must be put

aside…but hey, I think I have enough charm to

win them over.”





First things first, mazel tov on making top 3 out of thousands of hopefuls. Run us through the motions of being taken under the wing of MTV Base.

Thank you so much. The journey throughout the competition has really been for me, a rollercoaster ride. It was not smooth sailing at all, especially with the fact that I have never done anything TV related so I was very green when it came to a lot of things. Seeing myself for the first time on a TV screen was just a horrendous experience (laughs) .

I remember thinking to myself “who is this monkey?

But I suppose it was also a mixture of pressure and the competitive spirit amongst the other contestants that made me more sensitive.

Nonetheless, the good outweighed the bad in the sense that I got to learn so much about myself and each lesson was a learning curve. But most of all, I just had so so so much fun.

What, personally, have the past two months since the auditions meant to you?

There are not many words that come to mind but the word “humbling.” I am a spiritual person and a believer so every single moment that I have experienced in the past two months has just been a true manifestation of God’s purpose in my life.

I am mostly humbled by getting this far, humbled by the overwhelming love and support from my city, family and friends and humbled by God. I am so much wiser, stronger and more confident than before, I see everything in a different light. All in all, there has been an immense amount of personal growth.

With music and lifestyle being focal points of the MTV brand, how will you juxtapose your own grounding and personality with the already established identity of MTV – in the global context?

Anyone who knows me knows my passion for music and lifestyle. Growing up, my friends would ask: “Nomzamo, which song don’t you know?!”, and feeling like a cool kid, I would just smile and feel a tad ‘victorious’ (for lack of a better word). I am forever in-the-know about who’s who not only in the entertainment industry but also in a global sense.

So, this job won’t be far off from the person that I am at all. Perhaps the only thing that might be a challenge is interacting with arrogant celebrities or individuals simply because I cannot relate to people like that. But, at the end of the day this is a job. Business is business, you must keep it professional and personal feelings must be put aside…but hey, I think I have enough charm to win them over (laughs)




Which MTV VJ has stood out most for you, and what would you emulate about them?

Definitely Trevor Nelson and Sway. I absolutely love their presenting and interviewing styles. When they conduct interviews with celebrities, you (the viewer) would think that they are friends, simply because they exude such confidence and relatability.

They know how to get their guests to speak and open up about things that they haven’t said to any other reporter. That, for me, is very admirable. They almost are the male versions of Oprah – without the crying guest of course.


 If life was a music video, which would it be for you – and why?

Wow, that’s a tough one.

I think it would be Elton John’s The Circle of Life…Tell me of one person, when they were a kid (in my case to this day) who did not get chills when that song played at the beginning of The Lion King movie. Elton John is not one of my favourite musicians, but the song speaks of birth, growth, death and rebirth. It’s just really inspiring.



Why should Africa vote for you?

Africa should vote for me because, it’s my time and this is God’s time for my life. I’m not good at these “boast about yourself” questions so I’ll do my best. So I’ll just tell you who Nomzamo is.

Nomzamo is a humble, authentic, genuine individual who’s full of life and has a heart for people, a passion for life and music and a hard worker who knows what she wants in life and is driven to achieve all that it has to give. I am relatable and ready to infiltrate into other African countries and the world, represent my country and my city. Like my success is not my own, people who have grown to love me also feel a sense of entitlement to it as well. People who know me and have been watching the show all say the same thing, that I am myself and have altered nothing. Most of all, I am ready. Steve Jobs quoted in his speech at Stanford University a quote that he had also seen somewhere; it said “Stay foolish, Stay hungry.”

And to wrap it up, what’s the one word that should pop up in people’s minds when they think of you?…

Infectious or “Her laugh” (laughs)

Nomzamo is on Twitter! Follow her @NomzamoMbatha