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24 August 2017




  1. Hope releases us from our past (and puts the future in perspective!)
  2.               Hope releases us from the [pain/anxiety/discouragement] of our present
  3.                Hope releases fresh possibilities (it is ALWAYS forward-looking)
  4.                Hope releases fresh energy –> great accomplishments happen here!
  5.                Hope releases perseverance in our lives
  6.                Hope releases us from bondage


How to build unshakeable HOPE in our lives:

  1. Our hope must be built on a solid foundation (The Holy & Infinite Trinity!)
  2. We need to understand the Law of Exposure
  3. We need to worship until it kills the rats
  4. We need to understand what it takes to stay buoyant (note: HOPE – which is something YOU put on/cling to)
  5. We need to be filled with Hope from the inside



14 November 2013


Donny’s Gift

I just wanted to post up this photo of Lalah Hathaway. Soulful woman. Adore her music!

This smile could heal a million souls…Yes, I just paraphrased Amel Larrieux.


18-09-2013 Wednesday


I’ve had to learn many things about dealing with life the tough way. It gets a little easier the more consciously I work around it all. I believe it’s making me into a tougher person the more I realise and understand that I seriously create whatever state it is that I am in. So I think, so I am…no wincing!  Unhappiness or joy, it’s really all up to me. Their significance and how much they are magnified is all dependent on my mind state. I am in control – the captain of my star-ship.

‘Be a part of life, not afraid of it’…all that’s left to be said is “Amen”.


27-07-2013 Saturday


Let’s talk about friendship.

Well…I find myself in a space where I have to understand that being alone does not mean I am lonely. Yes. Watching people my age have fun times with their ‘connects’ sometimes gets me feeling a little down – asking “what’s wrong with me?”.

With the stuff that I have gone through regarding trust, and most times being so open with my friends…80 per cent of the time, things got unpretty, and I’m not ‘about that life’. So, I now wholeheartedly believe that I was born to be my own best friend, and to thrive off of trusting God to never ever ever disappoint me.

Spending time with myself, getting to know me, and learning to be as blunt with myself as I want to be…this brings me the highest satisfaction & contentment.

Must explain why I love this song as much as I do…summarises everything.


25-07-2013 Thursday


Thinking a lot about my academic journey, and learning to enjoy it a lot more as it progresses. GOD knows it has been far from easy. I’m currently contemplating staying an extra year post graduation  to get my B Com Honours. Feeling very motivated…God willing.

Last night was the official launch of Luminance, the high-end retail store, in Hyde Park.

From reading the tweets and viewing people’s images on SNs, I think some beautiful energy got transferred on to me somehow. Haha…I’m literally glowing.

Congratulations to KHANYI and her team.  How gorgeous is this woman?! Something inside me still gives me happy vibes whenever her name pops up…I’m a proud geek (haha)

ANYWAY, I do Hope I look this good and achieve similar success by the time I enter my 40’s.

Enjoy life and love it. It will embrace you back.

Khanyi Dhlomo


18-07-2013 Thursday

Dear Love conundrum. Love. 

I promised myself I was never going to be one of those people who go on about their relationship stories on my blog, but I was reading quite an interesting post on dating in a modern society by Mili a few moments ago…and although I’m six years her junior, I feel her agony. I mean, I think of my 20 year old sister whose been in a stable, rather enviable love affair going on half a decade very soon, and I instantly see mentally projected visions of myself casually flipping away at magazines poolside in my Tuscan villa adjacent to the ocean, or in land-locked Saddlebrook Estate or Houghton (as one does) – but on my ace plus a cuddly Shih Tzu *chuckles*. Sad, huh?

This is not a prophecy for loneliness…I refuse.

Waiting shifts the power to the person you are waiting for which is why I think some of us feel so despondent. So what are we waiting for? I’m not saying I’m going to call up my crush and ask him on a date tomorrow, but maybe it’s time to question our positioning in this matter.

Milisuthando Bongela


So…instead of saying “I’m waiting for Mr Right”, it would be wise to focus on the bigger picture, being as fully content as possible, and tell this gremlin which tells me I’m destined miserable without a lover to check itself. Hm. Surely love in its most basic and purest form is more than sufficient.  Perhaps learning to love life in your Singleton state first is that important preliminary step required before the other story can take its place properly. The rest will always be additional (and most certainly a miserable situation in the event that  aforementioned preliminary step is not fulfilled). 

No need to rush. Pray. Enjoy today regardless of its conditions.


16-06-2013 Sunday

India.Arie, I have stated a few times on this blog, has been a great influence in my life. Her music (especially the album, Acoustic Soul, does it for me). Sadly, I got out of touch with her after the whole Testimony story she had going on…my father purchased the first volume (Life & Relationships) which I enjoyed but felt I needed more from an artist I’d come to adore and respect that much. Anyway, tonight, the song Nature (off Acoustic Soul – which for interests’ sake was released a day before my 10th birthday…how awesome?) has been on my heart.

It’s that kind of day, I suppose. Introspection and things. I couldn’t find a video online, so just read the lyrics. I really LOVE the bridge + outro 🙂

In the face of much worldly ‘competition’ and often slipping off your Peace, it’s always important and mostly necessary that we check ourselves. When we stop begging to be loved, and stop forcing situations in whatever place in our lives…I believe that’s when God’s glory reveals itself by gracefully delivering strength and contentment

I know
Oh, Oh Yeah

Hey, baby
Why you rushing?
Let’s sit back and watch the flowers grow
Why you wanna
swim against the tide?
Let’s lay and watch the river flow

Here in God’s creation
There is always a reason
I know that love is there for us

Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show
Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show

I don’t wanna watch no movie
Let’s sit and watch the stars put on a show
If you wanna win my favor
Be creative, and show me your flavour
‘Cause here in God’s creation
Let go, Let life
Let love, let God!

Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show
Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show

Like the sun shines and
The wind blows
Like the birds fly
And the moon glows
If I am meant for you and
You are meant for me
Then we’ll flow together

[Chorus x2]
Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show
Where we’ll go, baby I don’t know
Maybe we should just let nature run the show

Baby we should sit and watch the flowers grow
Baby we should sit, back and watch the moon glow
Maybe, we should just sit and feel the wind blow…Maybe…


First you plant a seed
And then it grows and
Then it blooms
And it dies
That’s the cycle of life
Same goes for you and I
Maybe this time we’ll get it right – get right

Go with the flow
Maybe we’ll get it right…




hope everyone's great. thought i'd get back to basics today - wanted to paint...but realised i actually don't actually HAVE any painting material. this definitely has to change. i love doing this kind of thing. i love painting; let the child come out when it wants to. it was definitely necessary tonight.
two exams left for 1st semester. back to my books i go. x


HE knows I need this.



Miracle Recognition

Many people are afraid of letting out personal issues for the world to see…more so fearful of the consequences which would result from hanging up ‘dirty laundry’ – we’re told to protect family at all costs regardless of it all, even if our deepest and most morbid pain stems from the experiences within it.

I just feel this message with all of me, though (so grateful). My heart feels tight at times but I know this is not how it’s supposed to be. I also know that I am a spiritual being going through a notoriously topsy-turvy human experience which, however, will never conquer me. I am so much stronger.

Forgiveness of the past opens up the miracles of today & forever.




it has once been said that things come slow or not at all – which is probably true for all things that are ever of any significant value. Sometimes, I sit and wonder (sometimes melancholically) about how lots of people around me realising their individual dreams and goals, then I wonder why it is such a gruelingly slow and winding journey for me. But, of course I’m not the only one.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate with all my heart – though I do get sour at times –  the experiences I have had to learn to own and learn from. I know and believe believe that they have been designed (or more so ‘written’) to mould me into this exceptional, memorable soul I always pray I am made into. Maybe we forget what we’ve asked God for sometimes, and we take lightly the fact that coal’s got to go through the repulsive, sore, critical pressures before we can shine absolutely.


Over the past few months, i have developed this sort of connection with Onica Maharaj a.k.a Nicki Minaj from analysing  (sheesh…seems intense, but it really isn’t) her work more openly. I have received side-eyes from ‘hiphop heads’ when I told them she’s one of my favourites lately.  I am not particularly a fan (“barb“, as she would say…), but where props are due, I will give them. I just genuinely believe her somehow behind all the ‘grotesqueness’, and artificiality – I feel like she’s growing to master what she’s doing.  Yes, she admits in the opening track of her debut record, Pink Friday, ‘I’m the Best‘ that she didn’t know what she was doing when she started out, adding: ‘But bitches couldn’t take what was in me‘. These days however, it looks like she does know & understand her business. There’s a plan and vision behind it all. Maybe it’ll be years until people actually see it for what it is.

US MarieClaire, August 2013
Photographer: Satoshi Saikusa

On being turned down from acting auditions ‘back in the day’, she says – in true fire sign style:

“don’t they know who i am?!”

Well, the long and short of it, minus all the profanity, is this: if you do not FEEL a connection to something in your SOUL of souls, you might as well not even begin with it at all. Know what makes your inner child move.  I believe we keep on evolving. Keep digging deep for those personal gems.





22/11/2012 — Thursday


Missing her terribly…so depressing. Must fight the pain.

Adelaide (2nd from left) et s’amie!

Young Adelaide (2nd from left) kneeling on the grass with her and her sister’s (the bride) family sometime in the mid-60s


10/11/2012 — Saturday


Change is inevitable. I’ve grown to understand and appreciate the fact that as an artist , ARTISTIC INDIVIDUAL, I’m never completely happy – or satisfied rather – with the creative work that I produce. I have this deep-rooted NEED to be incomparably magnificent. What a double dose of adjective, huh? Well…yes, it can get exhausting just thinking about this pursuit of ‘stellar’, hence I just make sure I brush up on the skills regularly instead of frustratingly exerting myself, on the initial take, past the point of what’s then the zenith of capacity. This is the upside of web 2.0 as opposed to print media. This is the world I was born into: of the uncapped possibility of intellectual & artistic evolution. Whew…a mouthful, right?

This blog stands as a fine example of this. I am all about rich content which will be of benefit to you in the present, remaining with you as you continuously fine-tune into your futures – for there are several. I pray I deliver.

I read somewhere (almost certain it was in this month’s Destiny magazine) of a way to organise thoughts – which I just now found out is featured on my beloved Mama O’s site) – called The Rule of 10-10-10 .

It’s all about asking yourself, before actioning something, whether it will be worth it in 10 minutes, 10 months…and even 10 years from now. Heavy when you think of it in years, but it could spare you greatly from the unnecessary. I wish I had learned this earlier in life (said 21 year old me) *chuckles*. 

I cannot enumerate the times I have (for hours upon hours) worked at the nipp-and-tuck operations alone (sadly leaving the content wheel lagging behind), extrapolated certain thoughts, and sought to enhance or downplay certain others to achieve certain desired feels.

The most recent alteration (expansion to be concise) has been the incorporation of a more refined, monochromatic aesthetic and more ‘compartmentalised’ pages. This done in efforts to be more succinct in the topics and/or  thoughts I choose to deliver to you, my most valued readers — and cut the rambling (hopefully).

As I continue to work on myself, may you be blessed in identifying and learning to bank on your own ‘stellar’.

  “Don’t worry. Everything will sort itself out eventually.”     

This has been a lovely 10+ minutes, doubtless.

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