Good Job!

Boy am I glad that the weekend has finally arrived. This week has felt like a hike through the driest desert and then up a steep ole’ mountain.

Some interesting developments overall, and considerable career confidence gained. It feels quite humbling to note that I’m officially ‘official’ (i.e. permanent). It’s every person’s dream to finally establish a good level of stability – the sweet pink icing and sprinkles on top are when you appreciate the company in which you trade time, talent et cetera, and there’s no other place you’d rather be.

I say that is good, and I bless it.

Right now however, at this current moment… I feel perfectly satisfied with just lazying around at my place – indulging in a large box of pizza (gym tomorrow!) and fruit juice. Counting it all joy, and singing along to Yuna’s Crush. A happy Friday, indeed. You bet I’m off to sleep after this (finally throwing this uncomfortably tight brasserie to the laundry basket).

Gratitude ultra! x


Enjoy your weekend.



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