Keep Up With Yourself

The winsome, highly intriguing Smith seed together with their fellow MSFTS co-founder, Harry Hudson, spoke to iHeartRADIO a while ago – and lemme tell you… it’s definitely worth watching over and over again.

Each time I listen to or read Willow’s thoughts, I feel like my internal lightbulb (that tends to flicker faintly as ‘life’ takes its course) suddenly beams a passionate crimson – on some, “She’s right, you know (oh,oh)… She’s right.

I just LOVE how she’s clearly adopted her mother’s sense of wit, steady fervour and self-assuredness. It’s really soul-stirring to be able to witness (I’m sure we all know just how much of a G Jada is!) – establishing even deeper the desire for my own life’s story and that of my children to unfold in a similar fashion. Parenting made to feel like something one can look forward to.

Props to their world-famous, dope parents for moulding such divine, spunky and compassionate human beings.


Here’s to keeping up with one’s self!

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