“I just learned that speaking your mind is always best, especially as a female to these men. There’s such a stigma against females and them speaking their mind and them being confident and stubborn that it’s almost like it becomes a fear that we don’t want anybody to think of us in a specific way.” – Sabrina Claudio

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  1. sindile masiza says:

    Thanj you for putting me on to her music..I have been listening to her About Time album..love the intro.. I am a sucker for poetry and it resonated with me on a deeper level..Keep doing what you do.. grateful


    1. Bongeka says:

      Ugh, she’s such a remarkable talent! Thanks for connecting, Sindile.


  2. sindile masiza says:

    About Time (Intro)
    In the life of a rose
    I’ve lived and died 100 times
    You’ve watched me open, bloom, wilt, rot
    And start over (Start over)
    You watch me again, and again, and again, and again
    And each time
    My time, measured in light, final breaths, finding, losing
    Time, giving so much
    And then taking everything away
    And I wonder this time, next year
    What will it look like?
    With my guesses so often, so wrong
    I wonder what beginning, what end waits for me
    Will I have accepted the things that I cannot change?
    And will I have changed the things I cannot accept?
    This time, next time, about time


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