2018: Take the risk or lose the chance!

It might strike you as odd of me, but one of my major goals for 2018 – an assignment, if you will – is to rediscover what Love is. The list is quite brief, but oh the depth of it….

Sure, we mostly are taught the biblical definition/description of what love is and is not via the famous (?) Corinthians 13: 4 – 7. Maybe we need not look any further. We overlook so much of the great book when all is in plain sight. Yet, in 2018, when there are so many books, podcasts, music and videos… what do we take in and what do we discard?

It pains me beyond my ability to express so to have come to the bitter and iron-heavy (is this even a legitimate expression?) position that maybe the cause of much of the gutter-lows that I’ve experienced can be traced to my ‘mal-nutritioned’ sense of love and dare I posit – love of self.

How would this be possible since I feel like I’m the heiress to the self-love and affirmations throne?

Perhaps it has been a desperate cry all these years – until breaking point hit… really, really hard. You know how they say that the thing you want wants you? I bet it does. But first, baby girl may need to risk some things (read: my super unhealthy obsession with being smart/eloquent in the things of the spirit). Although this has helped me along the path of reaching a certain texture of maturity quicker, boy has it stunted other aspects of my growth).

Ok, too much open bracket/close bracket-ing. Let’s keep it straightforward.

Well, the risk to take now is stripping apart who I thought I was, and what I thought Love was so that the truth of it all may knock on the door of my soul – at long last. Soak me up, GOD!

If the profile of my heart was a painting that you could see, you would understand why this post had to be written. I will bare it all if this is what it will take to reach complete, pure love and fullness.

This is the time. In taking this chance – and fervently so – I believe strongly that the chance at LOVE I’ve never yet experienced and known has been granted. LOVE that my GOD knows is fit for his child.

I wish you the best in the risks that you must take in order to live out your fullness this year.

It was never designed to be basic. There is nothing basic about my hunger for the grandest life.

Go on and risk that thing!

While you’re at it, here’s a message you definitely want to hear and absorb.


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