Complex cycles for Simple beauty

The dilemma: forcing myself to write better.

For the moment, I feel safer just sharing multimedia that I find beautiful or provocative… writing and formulating thoughts? Far too arduous for me in this particular season of my life. Perhaps far too much has happened, so much so that I have become a little lazy with my own platform. Or mhlawumbe ngenziwa ukuthi kuyashisa nje?

It’s so hard not to feel guilty about this.

A low, condemning ‘voice’ (my own?) commands that I should be delivering/thinking more higher quality content… but my main source (my heart) really just needs some time to unclog itself of whatever it is that is stuck in ‘the crevices and tubes’.

I really just wanted to share with you these cute plants that I walked past today – the little, ‘basic’ things in the world have the strongest presence and effect on me. So I will waste lovingly away this poppy image over here 🙂


Take care of what is costly, and waste what is abundant.

– Clayton Christensen

En route simple beauty (+ revitalised fervour).

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