A Timely Message for South Africa: When two elephants fight…

From the 23:00 mark, I believe that this presentation communicates a message that South Africans – especially our political and business leaders  – could glean some wisdom and be inspired towards a way forward by.

(Brace yourself for the hashtags that have trended in SA over the past +/ – 365 days… you can plug yourself into these threads and narratives)

#EskomEnquiry #UnityRamaphosa #GuptaGate #ZumaMustGo #FeesMustFall #FreeEducation #CR17 #NDZ #ANC54 #WMC (aka: White Monopoly Capital) #BellPottinger #SteinhoffScandal #Khwezi – come on somebody?

Whew, 2016/2017 has been so intense! I personally have sort of struggled to keep up with it all. Radio and some news publications have helped a bit in this regard. Just to stay informed, you know? Woke, we say?

Anchored on the African proverb below, I think that the ongoing crises (I hope I’m not being dramatic here) in both the public and private sectors need to re-think a lot of things… and this change in actions would, ideally, inspire the ‘grass’ (everyday people) to also straighten up their act.


When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled.

Kenyan proverb


There’s so much to learn and think deeper about, and I think that Khanyi Dhlomo’s presentation at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School earlier this year was rather provocative.


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