Push to stretch; stretch to flow

There are certain interactions that one would be better off inviting and/or embracing in order to make it to the next dimension of life. This is obvious enough right?

Not quite.

In these ‘teen’ years of the 21st century, we’ve found ourselves having to figure out being social yet still withdrawn/safe in our various silos. This isn’t an easy balance for most, I dare say.

So, I recently started practicing bikram yoga and have found certain affirmations/statements of encouragement spoken by my yogi to be super enlightening and ‘lightening’ (weight-wise). I look forward to the expansion of my confidence and alertness, and cannot wait to be sufficiently equipped to share my views and talents in a more lucid format/manner.


Yoga is like life. It’s a balance of holding on and letting go – and knowing when to do which of the two.


The ‘balance-striking’ has been ‘lit’ from all ends, but as the title suggests… it certainly does get easier the longer one sees it all through. We find our flow/flexibility after much practice.


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