A few weekends ago I decided that I would go out there and grab the bliss I so deeply desire – and have missed more than anything. This consisted of a trip to a pharmacy to stock up on vanity/make-up supplies, followed by lunch at my newest establishment of choice, PAUL.

The rain may have been a possible deterrent, but I.JUST.NEEDED.A.MOMENT.HUN – an example of the rare occasion where my sometimes-bullheadedness reaps positive outcomes. I was so touched by how romantic my date with myself felt. Definitely calling into my life more moments like that.

You know those quotes we often find shared on social media that encourage the documentation of times when your heart feels at ease and in its element? THIS was one such day.






It’s the beginning of a new month and season – so much is changing, and I’m (figuratively) clutching at the brim of my soul’s hat through these billowing winds. Oh, the hyperbole… LOL!

All I truly bank on that’s BEEN holding me together is my faith; my irreplaceable family who’ve been rocking with me through it all; and lastly a sense of purposeful focus… my favourite trio – after DC3 (lol, just kidding – but their music’s chanted me on!)

Hope you enjoy this badass throwback…



Take care,




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