One Take

The things we love (and love to do) are the things that seem to be falling away. Bit by bit. I’m talking blogging, road-trips, and recording music to name the most obvious ones.

So here I am, looking at 2017 with squinted eyes and pursed lips – this year’s been a very TOUGH teacher. Which year hasn’t for me, right?

The past few hours since last night have been quite emotionally taxing – but not in the ‘conventional’ way where I’m a-quarter-to releasing tears. I think that this is testament to the “meso-hardcore” filter that I’ve developed. Oh LORD!

So, I shared my experience with a neutral colleague I believe that I’m gradually growing to trust (I mean, he has absolutely nothing to gain/lose from knowing), and the sentiment is that I should be very stern about how I deal with a, b, or c lest I open up the gate to further x, y or z.

(Keep it cryptic; don’t breathe life into it.)

In other news:

The main conflict I currently feel as a now fully grown woman (26 Q2, hello?) is sharing honestly whilst foregoing ‘overshare’. If one is so adamant about diarizing life, the traditional route is certainly a safer option.

All I will say is that I’m in my process of pulling and flipping those rubber tires, and training my mental stamina. They never told us it would be this demanding!!!

That’s where I am. In one take.

Shoes off, drinking my cup of tea… back to work.

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