Year 26

Twenty-six years on planet Earth. My, my, my…. there is so much to reflect on and express gratitude for. I am not merely ‘observing protocol’ when I say that uSimakade uyasabeka.

The day may have moved to a different tune, but boy has it been an anointed one. I read, sang, cried (a lot), and just a few minutes ago came out of a one-on-one visit with my Wonderful Pastor.

I move out of the Ballito area tomorrow morning, but sense in a very deep way that I am being taken into a space designed to crank up my maturity and open me up to something way more beautiful and on purpose.

I am certainly not where I dreamed I’d be at this age – not by a long shot. However, GOD’s promises are Yes & Amen, and his promises lead us to ‘impossible places’. Emagameni wonke esiwaziyo, eLakhe lingefaniswe nalutho. 💜🙂

Lastly, I have certainly felt the love today – from emails to phone calls. I am so appreciative! To know that you are loved by other human beings is quite a special kind of feeling in this day in/and age.

Let the year ahead of me be lovely and even more filled and directed by the Holy One. I proclaim it. Happy Birthday, indeed!

P.S – Make it a point that you be about that song that I’ve set as a featured image. The whole album has been the soundtrack to this past day – and the past 6 months really.

Loads of love!!!

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