On Thursdays We Sade

Late post – was meant to publish 2 nights ago, but life took precedence.

It’s a lovely time to be a young woman getting ready to dive into her next quarter Century. Closing off 2016 on a very beautiful note in my cute little apartment as the ocean breeze slides through the patio and into the living room like a piece of velvet ribbon.

And of course, Sade for the ambiance.

Heaven’s decidedly looking out 🙂 Camagu.


There’s something really magical about creating this post as I sit at my parent’s house (from my mother’s beloved glass dinner table). So many moments come back to mind as I think of what we’ve all had to bulldoze our way through particularly this year to get to this day: Christmas Eve 2016.

Looking forward to commemorating the Holy Nativity tomorrow – that precious moment that would be the starting point of grace.

There is so much grace in living through Seasons and in being able to recognise life for what it is – and also Self from this context.

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