It’s been YEEEARS since I last listened to this incredible Swedish artist’s piercingly gorgeous music, and yet this heck of a jam, Love Is Free, has made me feel the same sense of connectedness to a very raw and – errr, FREE – dimension of my soul as Call Your Girlfriend did.

*Insert dancing-in-my-sweatpans-with-rouged-lips-and-whipping-my-twists-to-and-fro GIF here already*

What. a. time!


The below analysis on Robyn’s sound/style/appeal, by Pitchfork’s Laura Snapes, captures the very [thing] that first drew me to her work:

Robyn‘s defining hits are characterized by a fierce yearning for something that can never be hers; that heartbreaking tug in her voice while everything around her pulses with euphoria. 

Anyway, so I (RAPIDLY) recorded and shared a 0’45” sound-clip with the BFF because, well, he should understand how much of a big deal this song is. Get it together.

Song summation: Cool got soul, too m’kay? Thank you very much, Robyyyn!

Let me know how much you enjoy it. Oh, and understand that the lyrics – thinly distributed as they may be – are the truth.



“You never know when you get it ’cause you can’t control it and you can’t unfold it.

Slow down.” – END.


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