Overwhelming Mercy

The LORD has been so wonderful; so precious about my life.

(edit: 30 Oct. 2016 – I just did a double take of the ‘about’ in the above statement, trying to make sense of it following the heavy cloud of doubt that made me question its grammatical accuracy. Oh-my-hat! So GOD is precious about my life. Selah.)

I write this post at 01:26a with a slight anxiety for the moment when I have to wake up for work. My soul has been carrying – and currently is carrying a lot – so much so that sleep doesn’t feel like something of importance right now. Lord have mercy on my energy levels come 01:26p at the office.

I can’t tell you how much my ability to express myself in writing has deteriorated this past year and a half – never in the history of this blog’s 6 year lifetime has my verbal estate felt so arid. I’m gonna need Jesus to plead with the King to return my juice – multiplied 🙂

I kid. Kinda.

But what I definitely believe is that GOD doesn’t need my words for anything, but instead is serious about His own Word’s eminence and effect on me. That sense of willingness to be clueless and less eloquent, though not at all attractive to smarty-pants me, has me understanding things a little differently now.

His Mercy is designed to pick apart and put back together the fragments.

…and that part of me is but a drop in the ocean of the fragmentation in my life that He has made Himself known in.

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