The Hair & Now

You can say it – very cheesy post title. I know, but I swear it’s full of meaning. I currently have the unfortunate reality of devilishly thirsty roots, and a scalp that is begging for me to stage an effective intervention.

Before I get into it, check out this beautifully produced Youtube tutorial that breaks down the technique for how to do natural hair wash day like a boss.


For the past 3-4 years and a bit (I actually can’t believe it’s been so long – welp!), I’ve been experiencing serious issues with my hair – from breakage to shrinkage, and inconsistent growth spurts here and there. I think it all began when I, newly returned from my ‘stint’ at Rhodes University, decided I would colour-dye my hair. Bored with my natural colour, I went full honeycombe. I looked quite phly in the beginning, until I realised that I had to quickly dye my hair back to black for a wedding I was to be part of the bridal party at. All the ladies were told to go black.

Fine, that wedding happened (all 72 hours of it). So there I was with newly dyed pitch black hair, and this 16 inch weave on. The damage being done to my rarely ever manipulated scalp? Inconceivable.

Numerous episodes of 26 inch twist braids, a host of other negligent situations, and LIFE later… I wake up one cold morning in the middle of 2016 and the hair-loss from the back of my left ear all the way up to the crest of my left-portion of my head is in trouble. Capitalised!

[I wish I was bold enough to include the photograph of this balding spot — maybe later]

So now I’m getting my house in order (Horns pleeease!) and taking it all back to the pure basics – i.e. adhering to my No-More-Relaxer pledge that I (in all honesty) feel I was conned into dishonoring this past May. Must focus on investing maximum energy and thought into getting my hair care to an impeccable standard.


Here’s to the journey to redeeming the life of a once rich and undoubtedly healthy mane.

Until next post, taupe bisous X bgt X


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