Pearls of Wisdom

Dear Reader,

I’ve been back in Durban for just shy of two weeks now, and – if I’m really honest with myself – am beginning to feel quite low and unmotivated as I am currently without work… and even that’s a euphemistic way of putting it. Here goes: I am currently unemployed (I am doing something about it, of course).

In as much as I have been looking forward to (and in need of) “taking a breather” and getting back to the middle after what’s been quite an intense time of working on laying the right foundations for a fulfilling career for myself in the city of gold, the fact of not earning an income right now is not at all a pleasant one. So, naturally, I’ve been feeling all kinds of unsettling emotions even while enjoying being with my beloved family and knowing that they have my back.

If ever you’re feeling a little too small or lacking in something because of how the world has perhaps judged (?) you, I need you to meditate on this truth below – as tweeted by fellow Durban girl and Diva (a la Beyonce’s 2008 single), Pearl Thusi.

I’m definitely in need of a reminder these days, but am really blessed to be surrounded by the most supportive people who definitely know who they are and have been in consistent communication with me since I got back.

I know that this may feel like I’ve randomly added it on here, but I am compelled to say so: We will make the name of Jesus great in every situation we find ourselves in for we are, as per Deuteronomy 28:3, blessed in the city and blessed in the field.

I think that in addition to meditating on these wonderful words, one must foster within oneself the confidence that is critical to enabling a life wherein the above facts begin to be manifested as abundantly as ever. Admittedly, the way that I express myself verbally tends to pale in comparison to the confidence I carry within myself when writing. I am a work in progress in this super definitive area… I mean, what could be worse than diminishing your own strength?

Please don’t do it.


Wishing you all the confidence, wisdom, and clarity you need and that will stand you in good stead to grab hold of your dreams and excel at being an epic human being.

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