So, it’s now the 15th July 2016. A Friday afternoon in Durban. The title of this post, ‘Smartening Up’ has been something I’ve been thinking about quite a lot – what with being 25 and all. This is the year that I’ve earmarked as the bridge leading to me finally ACTIONING the various projects and ideas that have roamed my heart and soul for the longest time: music, communications business, travel, body… and so forth. I’ve called it #Sublime25, done the foundational/preparatory work of speaking it into life.

Now… I’m here, 105 days into it. How does it feel?…

Honestly, I don’t quite know how to articulate how it feels. Or how I’ve been feeling over the past couple of months. It’s been a combination of moments that I would summarise as STRETCHING.

Now, about the life and direction of this platform: this girl needs to get on with it, and chase brighter ideas and  dreams. Make Nikola (Tesla) feel some kind’a way – how coincidental that I would mention his name in the week of his birthday (10/07). I’m going to take that as being significant in its own way.

Over the past maybe 3-5 years (ca. mid 2012) or so, I’ve personally seen massive, almost overwhelming activity in the local influencer and blogger market… some brilliant and exciting moves being made, that sometimes make me question why I made the decision to keep my space commercial-free when there’s so much potential financial gain; why I chose to not, as Hov puts it in Moment of Clarity (The Black Album, 2003), ‘…go with what makes sense’.

With the rise of Instagram activity locally, the expansion – and pressure to do something epic and ‘distinguished’ in this space – is really intense. Not to bash anybody, but from my perspective, the whole thing around establishing and (ideally) distinguishing ones’ aesthetic from the rest has to probably be the most challenging thing. It would seem to me that ‘eccentric’ has kinda become the new normal. The sense of novelty that is obviously being pursued is without a doubt inspiring, however… its pervasiveness is almost off-putting and troubling. My 2 cents worth, anyway.

A young lady that I find has and is taking (smart) advantage of the current wave of digitally-enabled enterprise and is doing it rather well and ‘pace-tfully‘ is Neema Nouse (whose brand of cool-kid vibe oozes the kind of gravitas that I am particularly drawn to).

So, back to my key thought: What does ‘smartening up’ mean and entail to you?

Hov’n it, or nah?….


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