People are afraid to fail so much that they will choose to live by all the rules set by some like minded cowards who came before them forgetting that they need to leave some sort of a trail and example for the next generations…

Some very interesting, and yet still somewhat abrasive words/ideas by 2020 Blogger, Ashley Thekiso, on what it really means to be an entrepreneur in his chop-chop-already article, Rise Above It…

I’m quite certain that the anxiety which follows thoughts on ‘not making it’ is something that many people can relate to – in fact, it is the driver behind the pursuit of success for some.


It is never how a person feels about a situation that changes it but what a person does.


After a week of much focused work towards becoming what I dream will be mastery of this beautiful role that the Almighty has placed me in, I feel a much stronger urge to work smarter at beginning to lay the BEST foundations for my future decedents. Enough of dwelling on how I feel, and more investment into what I have been empowered to do about it all.

In the past week, I have had to process heartbreak on a level I could have never imagined. No exaggeration. But, you know… many of the strongest women I know and admire have paved firm pathways for us, and built ideological structures that compel me to float…kick…and eventually swim like a champion – as opposed to the alternative.

Come rain or shine, the one thing to absolutely be selfish about focusing on is remaining inspired.

For now, it’s into the afternoon commute back to the apartment. Not very inspiring, I know… haha. Please make sure you enjoy your life as much as you possibly can.


Lots of love 🙂


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