Art meets Bespoke Financial Planning By Phindi Dindie Makatane

I enjoyed reading this post, and would urge you to take some notes too. After a conversation I had with my significant other yesterday, and being once again AWAKENED to the existence of financial levels… one line of advice that I will definitely put into practice going forward is to LIVE BELOW MY MEANS. As young people – often attracted by the more liberal and creative career ‘format’, we tend to fall into the risk of not really being strategic about our day-to-day steps.

It’s quite a lot to process, but trust me when I say that you will thank yourself for having taken the initiative to get clued up and fixed up one day.

Like Phindi, I too have a penchant for nice things.

Long term thinking activated! Do let me know what you thought of Phindi’s tips. 😉

Much love.


Phindi Makatane
Art meets Bespoke Financial Planning

I was having coffee with a friend of mine whose in the entertainment industry as a radio host Dj for a popular radio station in the country,at one of those cool cafés at Braam and I asked him why most creative up and coming business ventures are not so lucrative and sustainable, yet we have a wealth of passionate and talented individuals in the creative space. The not so sudden epiphany (creatives not running lucrative businesses ) bothers me and I think it is about time we start coming together aggressively those who are both in the commercial and creative space in making sure that we create business ventures that are centred on longevity.
Hi my name is Phindile Dindie Makatane, a 26 year old soweto based young lady, who grew up in very humble financial circumstances. I am currently a freelance stylist and co-owner…

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