Thoughts about Mark

Sometimes, I have a disturbing sense that I may just be losing my touch – or ‘intouchness’. It’s that state that I’m quite certain many have found themselves in: living on autopilot. Not kosher (as per my preferred online dictionary’s definition of ‘ritually pure’).

While we’re speaking rituals… I am gradually re-adopting those which brought me to the sweeter spots of my life before some strange air convinced my subconscious self that I had insufficient space in my day for them. Being inspired is so necessary for me; exhausting myself with the arbitrary is not. So, when I saw this Biblical scripture in a video interview of one of my favourite influencers, it shook me up in a way that I believe I needed to be.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.58.28 PM

With the mass of information piling up inside of me, being selective is becoming even MORE of a priority to me now. I know it will work work out brilliantly in the end. My perhaps unsolicited piece of advice to you would be this: make it a point that you do not allow the world to taint your soul – what you allow is what persists.

In the end, it’s all about the vibe you create for your life. My goal is to make sure that the essence of my own vibe – and that of those whom I love deeply – is right and uncompromised.

It’s always a blessing when those Ah ha! moments happen. To GOD be ALLL the glory and honor

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