Eloquent Eyes

For the past few months, one of my main assignments have included researching beauty – a very broad topic which can get quite exhausting especially if you need to arrive at some sort of resolve about it. This evening though, I have to share one of the videos I just came across.

I found it to be hilarious…and all at the same time so damn sad. Even talking about this topic in the extent that I have over the past few months has me feeling like I’m ‘adding coal to the fire’- or is it ‘adding fuel to the fire’?…. Anyway, enjoy (?) *chuckles*

Nowadays, make-up tutorials are all the rage – we’re fascinated by the magic wand that are make-up products. I, for one, have what’s becoming quite a scary addiction fondness for ESSIE’s eye-liner. As self-proclaimed #QOB (Queen of Bling), Khanyi Mbau, once said years ago: ‘[without eyeliner], I feel naked’.

We’re definitely not born with it… but, how much should that matter?

I guess what I’m saying about all of this talk around beauty is that we really should relax with how deep we take the whole narrative – not to say don’t appreciate what you see as beautiful… but just breathe because it really isn’t the genesis nor revelation of who [we are]. That might sound negligent bearing in mind the different levels of pain and chaos that can result from ‘entertaining’ the damn thing (woah there!)

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