In her own words, I’d like to say these 9-ish words: Don’t act like you forgot. I call the sho-sho-shots!


Formerly called the Costume Institute Gala, the Met Gala is the ideal event at which to experiment with abstract fashion ideas, and for this very reason, I reckon Rihanna’s style team did a super job selecting this Chinese couture piece by a designer I’m hearing of for the very first time: doyenne of Chineese haute couture, Guo Pei.

Amongst other career accomplishments, Pei has won Best National Costume award for dressing Miss Universe 2012 China, Ji Dan Xu.

Quintessentially – and perhaps most authentically – ‘China: Through the Looking Glass’. I get a sense of impossible yet lax regality which I would say is quite an accurate way to express our favourite bad gal’s status ‘in the game’. I won’t even waste your time showing you any other ensemble because quite frankly a lot of them struck me as too typical and for an event of this nature… ultra bland.

Take a look at Guo Pei’s work below. I’ve been fascinated by the East for some years now, so I definitely enjoyed digging for these on these interwebs. Ha!

Best National Costume award-winner at Miss Universe finale, 2012

P.S Also, read this article for some background on the brand.

Resounding applause to Rih for this epic move… it’s little wonder why have posted her image up as their homepage header.

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