The Fergusons: A NOLA Affair


It’s a week after the initial global social reactions  to the Ferguson wedding… I think I’m ready to document my thoughts on it – the spirit captured in the photography and choreographic direction that is (disclaimer: here writes a novice determined to exercise her own conception of ‘artisticness’).

The thought-processes that seem to have gone into achieving the aesthetic of what Solange captioned as ‘the best day of my life‘ on Instagram leave me in complete awe of her creative mind; also, my respect for her F*ck convention philosophy and approach to her life surely re-ignited. I dig the fact that she went against the grain regarding her sartorial choices… I want to say so much more but the only words that burn bright are POETIC, ETHEREAL & PHILOSOPHICAL. This is after all a woman who’s inspiration for the naming of her record label’s (SAINT Records) first collaborative compilation album, Saint Heron, was derived from investigative research on the history of African saints.

Poetic in the textured & layered story-telling of what is her version of the bridal party…a reflection of the women in her life from mother, Celestine, cousins Ingrid and Angie, to good friends Janelle and Melina (and not to forget big sister, Beyoncé). A story of sisterhood and the (potential and realised) force which is WOMAN!

The gravity of the photographs feel as if they’ll be iconic; I could see them framed somewhere outside of her own home. They’re art. I feel moved by the sense of presence and non-linear time and freedom that I see in the photographs.

– Trudy of Gradient Lair

Ethereal just purely based on the vibes the whole affair exuded man… like Solange knows something everybody else doesn’t. There’s a sense of knowingness and self-awareness and spirituality so deep the world couldn’t deny her her peace and a topic she’s spoken, sung and written much on: freedom. This is one of her songs I often find myself vibing off to when alone in my room (aptly titled).

I think most importantly or strikingly, the placid CERTAINTY in the step she’s taking now as a grown (yet still considerably young) woman of worth (she first got married as a teenager to her son Julez’s father, Daniel) – something very few women can truly attest to.

Image by Rog Walker

That the wedding was held in New Orleans – no doubt the Jazz capital of the world – and all the soulful historicism that THAT comes with may very well reveal the essence of it all: SOUL!

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